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Frequently Asked Questions

Jeevan Rekha Hospital is one of the leading top hospital in Jaipur, offering supreme infrastructure facilities for diagnostics and treatments. Being one of the best hospital in Jaipur, we are committed to delivering high-quality medical care for a wide range of specialities.

Jeevan Rekha Hospital Jaipur focuses on Quality and Patient care. It includes all aspects of preventive and curative care. In addition to diagnosis and consultation, it is equipped with all tertiary care specialists, cutting-edge healthcare technology, and world-class infrastructure to deliver top-notch emergency, recovery, and rehabilitative care. The presence of round-the-clock laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy facilities on campus makes the stay of patients and their relatives quite pleasant.

The admission process at jeevan Rekha Hospital Jaipur is, first the patient should have an admission request recommended by our doctor. The patient must come to the admission desk for further procedure after consultation.

Yes, Jeevan Rekha Hospital Jaipur has International Patient Services.


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