10 Myths and Facts About Knee Replacement Surgery

10 Myths and Facts About Knee Replacement Surgery

We all wish to live a healthy life, don’t we? Pain in any part of our body leaves us feeling exhausted and irritated. While sometimes, it is not a reason to worry and occurs due to strain on the body parts, at other times it may require attention.

Pain in the knees is something that makes it tough to walk; one needs to consult a doctor as soon as he/she feels that it is unusual. In some cases, the pain is so bad that it leads to a requirement for knee replacement surgery.

This situation normally occurs when the knee pain is miserable and makes it difficult to do daily chores with ease. This surgery becomes an option when other treatments comprising of medicines, physical therapy, and walking aids are of no more help.

Other symptoms that might show that one needs a knee replacement include mobility loss, stiffness in joints, pain followed by relief in joints, pain as a result of extensive use, increase in pain in humid weather, etc.

Your doctor will suggest you an orthopedic surgeon who will determine whether you need a knee replacement or not. It has been observed that around 90% of people who go through knee replacement surgery feel relief in pain. 

10 Myths and Facts About Knee Replacement

It is tough for anyone to go through surgery; one needs to be prepared mentally and physically for a knee replacement. The reasons behind many people resisting it are the myths that people believe in. Let’s read about the myths of knee replacement surgery and the actual facts of knee replacement surgery!

Knee Replacement has a Low Success Rate:

It is a common belief that knee replacement has a low success rate which means that the risk rate is high. The fact is that a knee replacement has about a 95% success rate and is highly effective in treating knee pain and discomfort. People who have gone through this surgery are capable to live a normal life and do daily activities successfully.

After Surgery, Bending Knee and Sitting on the Floor is Difficult:

What stops people from undergoing surgery is fear; they feel that something worse will happen and therefore choose to remain in their current situation. There is a misconception in people regarding knee replacement surgery as well.

People feel that once they go through it, they will have trouble not only bending their knees but also sitting on the floor. Not all cases are the same; in some, the recovery may be faster than in other cases.

It all depends on the prosthesis used, the quality of surgery, and the post-operative rehabilitation. Most prostheses can help you move in the same way as your normal joint.  

In Case of Surgery Failure, There Is No Chance of Repair:

It is believed by the patients that if a surgery fails it cannot be repaired. The fact is, doctors can perform another surgery known as revision surgery to repair it. This surgery is done after evaluating the overall health of the patient.

It Takes Months to Recover After Knee Replacement:

Every patient is different and so is their rate of recovery, rest depends on the quality of surgery. Mostly, patients can get back to their normal life after a few weeks post-surgery. However, if the case is complicated, it may take some more time to recover. The recovery time varies from case to case.    

Knee Replacement Doesn’t Last More Than 10 Years:

People believe that a knee replacement lasts only up to 10 years which is a myth. Nowadays, the quality of surgery performed has improved and the techniques have got advanced. This results in knee replacement surgery lasting for a lifetime.   

You Can’t Drive After Knee Replacement:

Many people suffering from knee pain, don’t get the knee replacement surgery done even after the doctor suggests. The reason is they fear that they won’t be able to drive once the surgery happens.

The fact is, after taking proper rest post-surgery and with a surgeon’s consultation, you may begin with your daily activities including driving. Most people get back to driving after 6 to 8 weeks of their surgery.

You Can’t Have Knee Replacement for Both the Knees:

If you are having trouble moving due to pain in the knees and the doctor has advised knee replacement for both the knees then you may get these done together. Yes, you may get both knees replaced at the same time.

There are certain benefits of getting knee replacement surgery done on both knees. You won’t have to visit the doctor again and again separately; you may get the work done together which will save your time and money.

Both the knees will get recovered together which means post-recovery, both the knees will become pain-free.

It Is Not Possible to Undergo Surgery at 65 Years of Age:

If you believe that a knee replacement surgery cannot take place if your age is 65 years or more then you are mistaken. If you are strong enough and the doctor agrees then you may easily get this surgery done whether you are 65 years of age or more. Moreover, this is the age when most people get this surgery done as this is when the cartilage gets damaged.

Knee Replacement is Rejected as Foreign Body:

There is yet another myth that the implant gets rejected in knee replacement surgery as a foreign body. The truth is, there are artificial joints that are being created from special metals that are inserted into the human body to replace the knee.

The metal used in their creation is such it does not get reacted with the tissues of the human body and is inert. These artificial joints are compatible with the human body and can easily stay inside without any side effects.

Physiotherapy Is Necessary After Knee Replacement:

When you go through a knee replacement surgery, the surgeon teaches you all the necessary exercises that are required when you are in the hospital. Once a patient gets discharged, he/she is well aware of the exercises that are needed to be done.

Patients get recovered enough to walk all by themselves within four weeks post-surgery. This replacement surgery is the best option if you are suffering from knee-related defects and pain.  

There were the myths of knee replacement surgery and the facts of knee replacement surgery. Every patient is different and so is their medical history. It is best to consult an experienced surgeon and understand all the pros and cons beforehand. One must clear all the misconceptions and get ready for the surgery with a free mind.


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